A Commentary on Modern Photography

Bison, Yukon
Bison, Yukon Territory

This whole blogging thing is new to me, so here it goes. I’m a photographer living in the Yukon Territory of Canada in a town called Whitehorse. The idea behind this blog is to explore creative visual ideas related to photography and communications. As a photographer who started shooting with film, I’ve watched various forms of visual media come and go. Film, instant film (Polaroid type 55), and specialized black and white films were the mainstay of my photographic experience. The process of shoot and wait has been replaced with an explosion of digital media delivered instantly. I’m inclined to believe that today’s mass produced images are a departure from the essence of photography. So many perfect images distorting our reality. Not like film never distorted anyone’s reality, but we are bombarded constantly, so many distractions. Has anyone stopped to ask how this impacts society, art, and the world around us? It makes me want to go out and shoot some film and lately I have. Shooting film changes your approach to seeing. With only 36 shots you are more deliberate and selective. Maybe it should be called minimalist shooting. Regardless, compared to digital, where I can literally shoot hundreds of images, it’s a refreshing approach. So, you will have to wait for some images, at least the one’s shot on film. Maybe it will be worth the wait.

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